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Neighborhoods Now:
82nd Street Partnership (Jackson Heights)

Milk crate planters serve as a colorful entry point to storefronts, Jackson Heights, Queens. Photo: Sam Lahoz
Paint and Plant event in Jackson Heights, Queens, July 25, 2020. Photo: Sam Lahoz
Interim outdoor dining setup, Jackson Heights, Queens. Photo: Sam Lahoz
Hanging planters perched on an outdoor eating area, Jackson Heights, Queens. (Design pending DOT approval.) Photo: Sam Lahoz
Outdoor eating area. (Design pending DOT approval.) Photo: Sam Lahoz
Open streets flexible furniture with deployable shading. Courtesy: SO-IL and LTL
Design for publicly shared streets and flexible furniture during the return of local food festival Viva La Comida. Courtesy: SO-IL and LTL
Design for adapting a vacant storefront into a field office that distributes information about social distancing protocols, career education, and anti-racism resources. Courtesy: SO-IL SO-IL and LTL
Paint and Plant event in Jackson Heights, Queens, July 25, 2020. Photo: Sam Lahoz
Paint and Plant event in Jackson Heights, Queens, July 25, 2020. Photo: Sam Lahoz

In collaboration with the Urban Design Forum, Neighborhoods Now connects neighborhoods hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with leading design firms. In Bed-Stuy, Jackson Heights, Kingsbridge, and Washington Heights, these working groups are collaborating to develop safe and effective reopening strategies.

The outcomes are a set of design recommendations, prototypes, and installations empowering communities to respond to their immediate needs, while contributing to the city-wide strategy on pandemic response. In some neighborhoods, prototypes have already been implemented, and Van Alen and Urban Design Forum are actively fundraising to support additional implementation.

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Working Group

ARO; Design Advocates (Frederick Tang Architecture, Kalos Eidos, Office of Tangible Space, Some People Studio, Studio Fōr, Worrell/Yeung); MOS; nARCHITECTS; VHB

Open Restaurants:
The team aimed to address the immediate needs of the neighborhood’s restaurants with proposals for responsive set-ups and shading along the street, ultimately helping over 20 businesses participate in the city’s Open Restaurants program.

Community Building:
The team opened a field office to create an on-the-ground presence and pilot a model for temporary uses of vacant storefront space. The field office served as a hub to distribute information, goods, and services to businesses and individuals during the pandemic.

Open Space:
The team developed original designs to use parking and sidewalk lanes for public seating for three locations at Barco de Papel, Tulcingo, and Centro Mistico. At Libreria Barco de Papel — which serves not only as a bookstore, but as a community hub for cultural and political activity — the team supported additional strategies to shift programming and browsing to outside.

Neighborhood Beautification:
The team hosted multiple days dedicated to sprucing up the streetscape through new plants and fresh coats of colorful paint for benches in the area.

Viva La Comida:
Viva la Comida! is an annual festival highlighting the cultural diversity of Queens, combining food with music, art, dancing, entertainment and more on a street known for its outpouring of vibrancy. Even though the future is uncertain, the team worked to create parking and restaurant seating plans to accommodate the large gathering.

In-kind donations were provided by Baggu, Future Green, Gilbane, Herman Miller, Julien Leyssene & Cristina Webb, MillerBlaker, Noble Construction Group, Sherwin Williams, SIKI IM STUDIO, Spinneybeck, Uniqlo, and We Plant NYC.

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