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Neighborhoods Now:
Cooper Square Committee

A retrofit to the reception area of CSC for COVID safety designed by Curtis + Ginsberg Architects.
A retrofit to the reception area of CSC for COVID safety designed by Curtis + Ginsberg Architects. Photos: Curtis + Ginsberg Architects.
Proposed adjustments to the Cooper Square Committee office that would establish better partitions between employees and external visitors while improving natural ventilation. Courtesy: Thornton Tomasetti and Curtis + Ginsberg Architects

In collaboration with the Urban Design Forum, Neighborhoods Now connects neighborhoods hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with leading design firms. In Bed-Stuy, Jackson Heights, Kingsbridge, Washington Heights, and the Lower East Side these working groups are collaborating to develop safe and effective reopening strategies.

The outcomes are a set of design recommendations, prototypes, and installations empowering communities to respond to their immediate needs, while contributing to the city-wide strategy on pandemic response. In some neighborhoods, prototypes have already been implemented, and Van Alen and Urban Design Forum are actively fundraising to support additional implementation.

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Working Group

Redesign Reception Area
C+GA designed a new reception area using simple materials including wood, sheetrock, plexiglass. A glass paned door also maintains maximum visibility between the lobby area and the office, adding to a bright open ambiance.

Enhanced Safety Recommendations
C+GA also recommended installing operable side storefront windows and purchasing air purifiers. They designed the new windows and assisted CSC with filing the permit to obtain approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which was successful.

Signage and Protocols
C+GA worked with CSC to develop staff safety protocols and signage to post in the office, encouraging the public to wear a mask, stand six feet apart, and use hand sanitizers when visiting the office.

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